Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Home Improvement

There’s a pretty plaque in my kitchen that proclaims, “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”
I’m fond of that plaque. I pass the verse every day. And when I actually take time to register what it means, I like to think I am doing just what it says. I am building a house—a family-- that serves the Lord.
But am I really?
As yet another year dawns, it seems a perfect time to take a good look and reflect on the “house” my family and I are forming.
When looking at the value of any house, it’s important to study the foundation. Is it solid and sturdy? Does my “house” have God at the center –always? Or have I admittedly pushed God aside as the foundation when the world comes knocking with more immediate rewards and gratification?
Next, I have to ask what might need patching this year? Are there cracks in my house that I noticed in years past, but ignored, figuring they “weren’t that bad”? After all, other people’s houses had worse problems, didn’t they? Or what about the defects I tired to cover up? Has the fresh coat of paint, meant to distract from the imperfections only made it worse since I never addressed the root of the issue? Might these problems in my house now grow to a level where they will no longer be ignored?
And what about the roof over our heads? Does it give us all the shelter we need? Are we ready for the storms that lie ahead? Will our roof keep out the harmful elements – but still allow the Son to shine in and illuminate everything?
A new year offers us a fresh opportunity to look around and see what might need changing. A new year offers us hope that we will, indeed, resolve to be better. I know I am far from where God wants me to be, but I am grateful He hasn’t given up on me yet. As for me and my house, we will continue serve the Lord. And somehow, I suspect He will continue to bless our feeble efforts --- cracks and all.


Anonymous said...

Why are the spiritual home improvements the hardest of all? Thanks for the inspiration!

Anonymous said...

One of the reasons that I love reading what you write is that you speak for all Christians. I look at that plaque and know it is a Bible verse that is beautiful. But I don't see beyond that. How wonderful that someone has that ability to "see beyond the cracks". Joan

Rich said...

I suspect we have a very weak Catholic church . Let's see !! God -Jesus and Mother Mary have always wanted us to "" FAST AND PRAY "" . I suspect very few Catholics have ever Fasted. Fasting makes Prayers so Powerful. Our country is at it's 11th Hour. Churches are almost completely empty every Friday evening and night.

Let's see if we have any real leadership in our communities and our churches.

""" FAST AND PRAY "" every Friday for 24 hours. All night in the church. Let's show our children and teens what "" FASTING AND PRAYER "" is really about. Let's show our kids where Real Power is.

What do you think. """ FAST AND PRAY "" , or just get by each day. Let's Pray and ask GOD if this is what he wants us to do. "" LET'S FAST AND PRAY "" AND ASK GOD.

100 or 200 or 300 people or more in every Catholic church --every Friday evening and night all night long.

Thank you.