Friday, January 15, 2010

Lessons Learn from Haiti

Things we learned about Haiti this week:
• It makes up one-third of the second largest island in the Caribbean.
• The capital is Port-au-Prince.
• Haiti is one of poorest countries in the Western hemisphere.
• 80% of its residents live in poverty. Things we learned about earthquakes this week:
• The largest recorded earthquake in the world was 9.5 on the Richter scale in Chile in 1960.
• Haiti’s quake rocked their world with a 7.0 .

Things we learned about people this week:
• They are resilient: The Haitian people, while waiting for help to come, began their own rescue missions. This often resulted in heroes, battered, bruised, and barefoot, frantically digging with bare hands to try to find a sign of life buried under layers and layers of crushed buildings.
• They want to help: The spirit of help began to formulate around the world even before the last tremor of the quake was felt. Churches, schools, charities and individuals began to collect money, canned goods, water, and various personal items in hopes of somehow sending a bit of a band aid to a country with such a horrific gapping wound.
Things we learned about God this week:
• He uses it all: Strength can be found in weakness. Hope can be found in despair. Joy can be found in suffering.

And now that we know all we know, what we decide to do with this information will help determine the answer to another question: “What did God learn about us this week?”

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